Lista negra

¿Qué es una lista negra?

Una lista negra contiene correos electrónicos prohibidos enviados por direcciones de correo electrónico y dominios específicos. Se utiliza junto con una lista blanca, correos electrónicos enviados por direcciones de correo electrónico específicas que se consideran de confianza, para prohibir un dominio de correo electrónico mientras se permiten algunas direcciones de correo electrónico específicas del mismo dominio de correo electrónico.

If an email address or domain is considered harmful or dishonest, it can be blocked by an employee who adds the email address or domain to the blacklist. Email addresses can be unblocked to allow them back into the whitelist or removed from the blacklist. Usually, email addresses that try to phish, harm, or spam are added to the blacklist.

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What is a blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of people who are unacceptable to the person or organization that creates the blacklist. A person (or organization) who is on a blacklist is seen as an individual who has done something that is not acceptable, hence the customer support may be rejected.

How to access blacklist in LiveAgent?

Any agent working in the panel has access to the LiveAgent blacklist. Thanks to this, they have access to the email and domains list.

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